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Cryoablation Therapy - A Minimally Invasive Cancer Treatment

Oasis of Hope

A leading institution for alternative cancer therapy research in Mexico, Oasis of Hope offers a wide selection of alternative and traditional cancer treatments through a dedicated multidisciplinary team. Oasis of Hope’s therapies employ an integrative approach through an original protocol that attacks cancer on a physical, spiritual and emotion level. Available cancer therapies include cryoablation.

Cryoablation uses extreme cold to destroy or weaken cancerous tissue cells through the direct application of liquid nitrogen or argon gas. Contact with the liquid nitrogen causes the diseased tissue to freeze, enabling the body to absorb it naturally after it thaws. When compared to other treatment modalities, cryoablation offers multiple advantages, such as a reduced risk of damage to nearby healthy tissue. It is also less invasive than surgical treatments and may be safely repeated or combined with other therapies.

During the procedure, a doctor inserts a needle-like applicator called a cryoprobe into the skin and uses an ultrasound or MRI to guide it into contact with diseased tissue. The use of ultrasound and MRI also allows the doctor to monitor the freezing process and limit potential damage to nearby healthy tissue. Liquid nitrogen flows through the applicator and causes a ball of ice crystals to form around the probe, which freezes the damaged tissue it contacts.

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